Thoughts on Ten Dreams of Technology by S, Dietz

It’s hard to imagine the artworks when they are written about rather than viewed, and I’m sure the artist would be glad of this to a certain extent. The concepts sound beautiful, especially under such idealistic headings.

In light of The Dream of Immersion however, perhaps here I could suggest that the probability that we are living in a virtual reality is exceptionally high (according to Quantuum scientists). Krueger says in the reading, “criticising an idea because it is not yet fully realised seems unreasonably impatient”. However, what about a thought experiment of criticising them as realised? Perhaps this concept isn’t experimental, boundary-pushing, engaging, dynamic (whatever you value) art when they are created because they become a reality with severe consequences. Do you want a reality where you don’t know what is computer generated or not? Who holds control over these art forms when they become realised? Let’s not pursue virtual reality any further, thanks.

I’ll let Davies’ go ahead with what sounds like a beautiful meditation chamber and the goal of world peace, although I’m not sure about the electronic cafe approach – my last experience with technological (just the internet in this case) cafes in New Delhi was that they don’t open, ever.