We Are Legion: Interesting Offcuts

I watched the documentary We Are Legion for my research on Anonymous for the niki. There was a lot of really in-depth, interesting and sometimes funny information, but for the sake of cohesion and clarity I was unable to include all of it in our final product (it would have ended up being a remake of We Are Legion). Here are a few of the things I found most interesting:

– Hacker culture began at MIT in the tech model railroad club. It was real world hacking of the university, so basically involved pulling elaborate pranks, such as putting a car on top of a building. The concept “information wants to be free” originated here.

– A really good metaphor for denial of service attacks: “It’s equivalent to if you wanyed to hijack a bus station. You’d hire 1000 people to go on the bus so no one else could get on.” In other words, you overflow the server with fake information.

– The Guy Fawkes mask was chosen when Anonymous first decided to take to the streets in a protest about Scientology. They felt it was a “natural” choice as it references the last scene in V for Vendetta which has the message that “none of us is as cruel as all of us”.

– There was a beautiful description of how the movement functions without a leader. That it is like a flock of birds where suddenly one flies out and changes the direction of the movement.