Unlecture 8

In busy-with-life-and-study style a quick re-cap of my main take aways from the lecture:

– The final consolidation of hypertext: Hypertext narrative and interactive narrative are not necessarily the same. It is a highly granular form of writing that is not premised on consecutive-ness. Caters for the fact that even objects have different historical speeds intrinsically within them.

– Gaming is defined by the notion of competition, rather than narrative. You can have games without narratives, and you can’t win a narrative. Gaming is currently being applied to media in ways that trump narrative, such as the television series So You Think You Can Dance.

– Filtering of content on websites such as Amazon and Spotify encourages depth over exploration. The reputation and power of the model entirely relies on a democratic approach in which the user can be sure that the space has not been bought. However, the downside is that particular content can be excluded because it hasn’t historically been of interest to you.

– The future of this is having the reputation of the recommender ingrained in the system. Adrian believes that hierarchies won’t emerge because of the size of ¬†iTunes and Amazon.