Wk 5 Reading

Even though it is probably not the main point of this weeks reading I wanted to draw special attention to one point in particular that clarified something for me. It was, once again, to do with the concept of blogs. On pages 78 and 79 the mention of blogs came up and I thought to myself, here we go again, more about how revolutionary blogs are. I’m obviously still unsure and sceptical of its full potential, as I’m treating it as diary type thing, and to be honest who really wants to read my diary; but I digress. . .
The idea that they are all connected and can be connected to other things is nothing new, what I didn’t realise before is that blogs are dated into chronological order. Which is something I already knew but it got me thinking about other things on the internet not being dated, or at least not showing when they’ve been dated, this can fit in with the wk 4 question of ‘how can you trust the validity of the internet’, checking when it was published and how ‘up to date’ it is might help.

The other thing I picked up is the notion of blogging about medical research, how awesome is that! This is something worth blogging about, this not only shows the public about what’s the latest in, say, cancer research but it also connects all the separate organisations searching for the cure to join together and share information so easily.

I’ll admit that there are definitely some advantages about blogging that have come to light in the last few weeks.

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