WK 10

Coming into the final weeks before the project is due, there are a lot of ideas being put into place and a lot that have to be pushed to the side, due to the lack of time and the amount of work that needs to be done between now and the deadline. This week was getting down to the final business, deciding on the significant elements that need to be done, and what else we can fit in before the due date.

We have been thinking around the possibilities of taking this project to the next level, and we spent a lot of time considering features to use on the website and app. We liked the idea of engaging with the viewer, and when they reached a location on the app, it would send the a push notification, notifying them that event took place there – this way it gives them the option to read about it or keep walking. We had another idea that we should use pins on the map, so that people can look into each location and know where they are when looking on a map of Melbourne- and also where they are in comparison to the rest of the cases. The ideas that were bouncing off were to have bigger pins for the main cases, the ones where we advise the user to check them out for the main story plot points, and the smaller the pins means that they can go to them if they want extra information, however they aren’t crucial – it is like a next stage for those that want to invest more into the story line.

In our feedback from the presentation we were told that having a little spirit figure bringing the story together would be a fun way to invite users into our story. We ended up deciding on having Christie’s wife as the person in the audio artifacts – that way it gives it a personal touch, adds a female figure and acts as a motivational aspect into the story – it just means we can include another element and another target audience who might connect with her more. As this story is so male dominated, we thought that a female figure would give it a more modern touch with a bit of feminine attributes.


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