This week we went back in time, back to where we can see objects from our history, and placed in a cabinet for all to see. Where might you ask are these pieces of history? …… THE IMMIGRATION MUSEUM. A place holding information and artefacts from the past, and allowing us to come and be apart of it.


We have been talking about the Iconic Melbourne Man, our own Sherlock Holmes, and yet we haven’t physically seen anything from his past – until now. He has his own cabinet within the museum filled with newspaper articles, cartoons, illegal possession he has confiscated from criminals and more importantly … the highly talking cane. NOT just any cane, but one equipped with its own sword … what a man!


This excursion allowed us as a group, to go together and see a part of him, where we came up with new ideas, shared laughs (about how he used to catch the criminals), and we learnt more about the character we are writing a story on, and just how we might go about sharing his personality with the audience – it is definitely worth sharing. We have read many stories about this man, and talked about what he has done not only in his personal life, but mainly professionally as well. There were newspaper articles stuck to the wall, which is different to seeing photographs of them. Seeing what he took from the criminals was quite humorous as there were some things in there that wouldn’t even make you blink twice – compared to this day an age.

Now just to bring his life that we saw here (and his personality) and explore that through a multi-platformed story.

We can most certainly do this – bring on the project *pulls out cane equipped with sword*.


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