WK 9

Week 9 was all about looking at the individual elements for this project and deciding what needs to be done, so a list was made to keep us in check for what we need to do and what we want to achieve (to-do-lists are always a positive)!

Decide on and write story
Adapt story to relevant platform
Write Scripts (audio, webisodes and website)
Write components for the website
Select facts for App/create walking guide
Create script for audio
Create 8-10 pins for Geo-locating points with a prose and story associated
Figure out how we can upload it to the App story (iTunes, google play, Microsoft app store)
Create webisodes (2-3 webisodes)
Create audio artifacts (2-3 audio)
Find introducing character
One reflecting story told in the app
Get actors, costumes, locations, equipment, crew and script
Elaborate on stories that happened/ were explored in the application
Mission statement

This week was all about getting everything sorted, and giving ourselves a timeline, striving to get components done by a specific time and date so that everything isn’t left until the last minute. This week I started with the website and Brontae started with the App, this way if we start the template it is a gradual process and we can have our components done by the time Ellie and Jen finish theirs’, therefore we aren’t creating a whole website and app in the last week, we are just putting their content into it and then submitting the project. The website I have started creating is on WIX, it was going to be built from scratch, however with none of us knowing anything about building websites I decided to create it on this free template, that made it easier to design and also not as time consuming. I still however had to teach myself every component to this website and read up about it, in order to create the best possible website. Brontae is creating the App on GoodBarber, also for the same reasons listed above. This way we can produce higher quality content instead of spending all of our time creating both of them from scratch.

The design that I am aiming for with the website is simple, clean, modern and easy to use. I want it to be engaging and fun, while still being simple for all ages to navigate themselves around it and the content. I will be using the same colour tone – which will hopefully be across all of the platforms – white, light blue and black. This way there is continuity throughout the website.

This week we sat down and went through the stories that we wanted to include and then split up the work, with Jen writing scripts for videos, Ellie writing them for audio pieces and Brontae and I writing them for the website and App. The website will be the platform that holds the most information out of them all as it is the central hub, it is the meeting place for all of the components, so it is important for it to be filled with information and story elements. With this is mind, it means that the website will be text heavy so we have to try and make it more engaging and less – “boring”.

This week was all about getting started on the website and App which Brontae and I have done successfully and just keep working at it until it is done – Jen and Ellie are starting to prepare the video and audio content.


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