WK 8 – Planning, Planning, Planning

Planning, planning, planning was all we could do straight after our presentation and once we got our feedback. We were straight into action, and ready to go. We set up a timeline that we could work off, with not only the dates that this project is due, but also individual dates that we set ourselves, such as we want to have the footage filmed by this day and the scripts to be written on this day. That way, if we took bites at a time, it wouldn’t be such a mouthful when it came to the finishing line. It meant that we can space the tasks out over the next couple of weeks, and not stress out too much, in regards to the final deadline. We each set our own tasks, and divided them up equally, so that we each had the same workload. Planning is such an important part to any project, as you need to take into consideration unplanned tasks and problems that may arise and that need to be taken care of. This way, if you set a timeline you can adjust all of the tasks accordingly.

We really wanted to get on top of deciding on a final story, as we hadn’t done before the presentation, and it is a crucial part to our final project. It was in this week that we sat down and decided on who was definitely going to do what, and what needed to be done to reach that point or goal. Discussion time is always beneficial, as it means the project is more coherent, and everyone knows what they are doing from now, until next week (week 9).

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