WK 7 – Planning, Designing, Creating & Discussing

This week was packed full of planning, designing, creating, and discussing of what we have to do before next week (WK 8). We had to create the trailer, the presentation, the script and the poster. We had a rough idea of what we wanted, but fine tuning this was the hard part. We all split the roles, Jen doing the trailer, Me doing the logo and the poster, Brontae and Ellie getting footage for the trailer and poster, and we each wrote our own parts for the presentation. Ellie – sound; Brontae – app; Jen – visuals; and me – website.

I feel as though this was a crucial week, one that was spent emailing each other back and forth, and designing pieces that would best suit our project. Jen and I worked alongside each other, so that the poster and trailer were similar, and that meant we would send through to each other some drafts before we gave the group 2 – 3 options to choose from. This way we got a variety of feedback. One thing is for certain, feedback is a crucial part of any project, especially this one. With each group member being honest and sharing their opinion, we were able to create designs that everyone was happy with, meaning that four different people with their own styles could agree on one thing – that must mean we are on to a winner!

As I was sick all of this week, it was very difficult to keep up with the group, but through the never ending chain of emails, texts and Facebook messages, we all seemed to keep on track. I tried my hardest to make sure that my part was up to scratch, because I didn’t want to let the group down – I guess this is the beauty of working in groups, you want to do better than what you think you can do, you want to be the one in the group that never lets anyone down. This is why it is good to push ourselves, that way the finishing product will be better than what we all expected (fingers crossed).

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