WK6 Reading

There were two readings for the week, and I thought that ‘Web Series: Four things to ask yourself before starting’ by Felicia Day, was the best one to discuss, as I will be picking apart her web series ‘The Guild’ in my WK6 Tutorial post. What I enjoyed in this piece, was not only the tips she had for a successful web series, but how she included the changing of storytelling, and how it needs to be recreated when placed on the web. It should be a place to share stories and introduce characters that haven’t been seen or read, and to make the most of the freedom on the web. She questions why people don’t want to make something non-traditional, and to break the idea of traditional storytelling. You cannot be making traditional stories on the internet, because they don’t work. The internet isn’t TV, and Day states that the internet has 20 million channels rather than 200 like TV. This is why you need to know your audience, and know what they want to get out of a web series, and which platforms would be most effective. You need to think outside of the square, and create a unique piece for a niche market that will then grow if you have recreated a new way of storytelling, and have marketed it correctly. This article leads into the discussion the class had in the tutorials, suggesting how the web series’s that we watched could become transmedia and multi-platformed stories.

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