User feedback

Moving towards creating a prototype we asked a couple of people to user test it, to see what their response was to our work. We are interested in these key aspects, and to see how easy it is to engage with, with them intuitively engaging with the material, how they engaged with our interface design, and what they are drawing from it in terms of cycling.

user respone

After getting the prototype tested, the user understand the idea of cycling, and thought that introducing Carly is beneficial to the rest of the k-film. The symmetry works well, however the granules could be closer together and bigger within the interface. The user thought that we could possibly use a background that relates to the theme, and to include text and descriptions. the user understood that all of the granules link to what Carly is saying, and the patterns of the granules playing in different positions, however not from the keywording. These are all points that we are taking into account to create our final prototype, and to enhance the user’s experience with this k-film. They are all valid points that will add to our work’s concept.



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