As said in the previous blog posts, noticing is a significant factor within the design indursty, and especially used when working with a ploy vocal software. To find out what our working was telling us, and the direction that it was heading naturally was worked out by watching all of the granules that we already have and writing down one word descriptions from the cues that I could pick up.

The picture below is the starting point of my reoccurring themes, which allowed this project to make more sense to me, and where the group could go from now. I narrowed all of the descriptions down until I came to the final themes which are: weather, friends/women, bikes, community, freedom/emotions/health, training, outdoors, hills, breaks/eating, and hobbies.

IMG_7525 IMG_7526 IMG_7527

From working out these themes I was then able to move to keywording, which is a significant part of the Korsakow program, and is something that Hannah and Matt Soar speak so highly of. This is evident throughout their works, and this is the only structure they use. The keywording will become clusters within the project, which will have bridging clips which is influenced by Matt Soar.

I eventually kept Narrowing down these themes until I came to the final four keywords that will be used in Project Brief 4, those being:



These keywords help significantly, aiding us with the natural structure that this k-film will follow. Not only has this process been influenced by Hannah it will allow us to have the idea of four clusters within our work, and that can be shown within the interface.

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