Moving forwards from Hannah’s Presentation

Reflection is a main element within this studio, and is something that is used throughout the media industry. Our ideas should be developing through making, as more ideas will come from this, and it is a more organic way of working with patterns in Korsakow.

Our group has been quite didactic while working in Korsakow, which is not what we are meant to be doing, as it is a polyvocal piece that allows us to experiment with the multi-linear non-narrative. From here we can make our k-film more experimental, and we don’t have to be attached and restrictive to everything that we want to do.

A main idea that we have come away with from Hannah’s presentation is the idea of using lists, which she does, to look for the naturally occurring patterns that are being formed.

For our project: What moods are occurring within our granules – a sense of rhythm, mood and ups and downs.

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