New Documentary: i-doc design & Production – Project 1 Recording

The first tutorial for second semester in the New Documentary studio put us straight in the deep end. We all went out into the city in pairs, taking photos and gathering sounds to put into the first stages of online documentary. The only instructions were to gather materials on the subjects of bikes. I was excited and daunted by the idea of coming up with something in a short period of time, however when I went out and starting collecting materials, I was surprised at the ideas that started to flow.



Bikes are a mode of transportation that is being used more and more in society, especially when trying to avoid traffic and costs of car parking. I like to think of bike riding as a journey, as they can take you places where other modes of transportation can’t. Every time I think of a bike I think of the memories that I have had on them. I go places that no one else can, except on a bike or foot, it gives you the freedom to explore and to be active at the same time. The city has many bike tracks and alley ways that trams cannot get to or where cars cannot park; Melbourne has a bike system that allows people to ride around the city, and they have made bike racks and bike paths available to everyone. Here is some of the material that was gathered…

Throughout the city, Melbourne is known for its street art, and here is a picture showing that bikes are a significant item in society.

Bike art

People travel on bikes to get places, there are bikes going in all directions, especially in peak hour traffic. Bikes go on pedestrian crossing, or in the bike paths.


When I was walking through the city it is hard not to see hundreds of bikes lining the streets in bike rails and locked up to street signs. They are easily accessible and there are all kinds. This got me interested in if a bike could determine what kind of person you are? And what do you use your bike for?






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