Method of Working (Part 32)

What I learnt from this shoot:

What I have learnt from this final shoot would be that planning is crucial to all stages of filming; continuity has to be correct otherwise editing doesn’t work; sometimes creating spontaneous shots can work well for the overall scene; filming too much is better than not enough; and that working with the locations means for a greater outcome.

Overall this shoot has been a great learning experience both personally and professionally, as I have surprised myself in what I can achieve, and also how I handled the overall shoot with the actors from ‘StarNow’ and filming crew. Using actors was something that I have never done, and getting them for this shoot means that I know the process for future shoots as well.

This whole semester has been little steps, and I still think this shoot was a step, but a bigger one. I will always be stepping up to reach the top, but this was one of the most challenging steps I have done, but I am a better filmmaking because of it.

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