Method of Working (Part 30)

Analysis of ‘Carpark Scene Final’:

‘Carpark Scene Final’ begins with a wide shot of a carpark which explains to the audience where this shoot is located. Three characters then walk into the left of frame from behind the camera and the keep walking up the dotted line on the ground. This helps with the symmetrical aspect of the scene, continuity, and working with the strong lines that the carpark has to offer. The camera then cuts to in front of them, and shows the characters still walking; this way the audience can now see who they are and what is behind them. Due to the solid shapes and the time of day, this shot has strong shadows which the characters work with through their movements, which is motif throughout the entire scene. As the male character answers his phone he drops away from the two female characters, and follows the angle of the shadows. This shot has the three characters in the right of frame, which means that something is going to happen in the left of frame. As the male drops into the left of frame it fulfils the audience’s expectations, and makes the shot symmetrical. As he answers the phone the camera cuts in to a MCU, tracking his movements as he walks. The first two shots were still shots, so by having this scene with camera movement, allows it to be a more interactive scene. When the male stops walking the camera puts him to the left of screen because of external composition. This is because when he is on the phone he looks up towards the girls who are in the right of frame, however in the offscreen space. The scene then cuts to the girls walking ahead, where they then turn to face each other. This is a medium shot so that their emotions and lines delivered are what is in focus. During this conversation it demonstrates external composition. It begins with a two shot then cuts to a CU of one character replying. This character is in the right of frame looking left. The audience suspects that she is replying to the first girl, and to identity this, the camera cuts to an over the shoulder shot of one character focusing in on the other. This format for the conversation makes the audience focus on each girl separately, allowing the audience to comprehend their emotions and facial expressions. From this conversation the scene cuts to a wide shot of all three characters, where the two girls are in the foreground of the frame, while the male is on the background to begin with. This suggests to the audience that they need to concentrate on the two girls as they deliver their lines. Throughout this section, the shots cut back and forth of being single shots, and in an external composition format. As one of the girls finishes her final line the male walks past them and the camera follows this movement with a MS. As he hangs up the phone he speaks to the girls in an external composition format, with a reply from one girl in a MS. The character who replies first walks out of the frame in the direction of the male, then followed by the second girl. This shot is similar as the first one, as they walk into frame, and then they walk out of it. Leaving the frame focused on the carpark at the end of this scene, allows the audience to reflect upon what they just saw, and to understand what happened and why.

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