Epiphany (Week 12)

In week 12 there was no classes just a one on one consultation with our tutor Paul. This week I started reflecting about the semester, how far I have come and what I have achieved. It got me thinking back to where it all started and how I came to investigating external composition. This week I mainly reflected and focused on my final carpark shoot that I filmed last weekend. I am into the editing stage of this, and so far it is all working out; however the sound is what is challenging me, because each shot has a different level of sound, so I will need to edit this for the best outcome I am aiming for. The visuals have worked out well, and this is the first time this semester that continuity is not a main issue, which means that the editing stage won’t be as hard. Something that I never considered was putting music and sound effects throughout the scene, and it is something Paul suggested to me. He said that it could make the scene more impactful. This is something that I will be looking to investigate.I will also be putting a voice over of the guy on the phone over the shots leading up to him hanging up, to make the scene seem more realistic.

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