Method of Working (Part 29)

Shot List:

Before shooting this final scene I wanted to make sure I planned for this in great depth, so that on the day I knew the structure of how everything would go. However, in the back of my mind I had to think about the box. I wanted to try to think outside of the box. And planning might not let me do this, so I will see on the day if this works or if it doesn’t. But either way I will have a storyboard and a shot list. I have got two actors from ‘Star Now’ (acting agency) that will be helping me with this scene, along with three members from my class, Maree, Mia, and Simone. Planning for this shoot was quite difficult, because I didn’t know what to expect or if I was doing the correct procedure. As I haven’t worked in this type of environment with this many people, I was overwhelmed. However this meant that I had extra hands to help me achieve my final outcome. Below is my shot list for the weekend that I went off.

  1. Actors walking through carpark towards car. Wide shot. Still shot.
  2. Front view shot of characters. Actors stop walking. Rob answers phone. Wide Shot.
  3. Close up of Rob answering phone. Walking away from the other two actors. Falling a bit behind them.
  4. MS of Liana turing towards Tommy for reaction and starts having a conversation.
  5. External composition of Liana in left of frame. MS. Still.
  6. External composition of Tommy replying. MS. Tommy in right of frame. Still shot.
  7. OTS (Over the shoulder) of Tommy, seeing Liana in frame. Left of frame. MS. Still Shot.
  8. OTS of Liana seeing Tommy respond. MS. Still Shot.
  9. Wide Shot of all three actors. Still Shot. Rob is not visible again, however still in the background.
  10. Liana and Tommy continue walking to the car, with Rob still in the background. Wide Shot. Still Shot.
  11. OTS of Tommy seeing Liana reply with the brother line. MLS. Still Shot.
  12. OTS of Liana seeing both Tommy and Rob. See Rob hang up phone and looks towards Liana. MS. Still Shot.
  13. MS of Tommy and Rob. External composition between the three of them. Looking towards Liana who is in the offscreen space. Still Shot.
  14. MCU of Rob. Still Shot. Saying line about what’s going on. External composition with Tommy and Rob.
  15. MCU of Tommy responding to above shot. External composition with Tommy and Rob.
  16. Wide shot of all three starting to walk and get into the car. Still Shot. View from behind them all or beside them.

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