Method of Working (Part 28)

After shooting multiple scenes now, and coming up to my main shoot (where I want to tie all of my investigations together), I have a list of things I need to be aware of when filming so that I don’t make the same mistakes.

  1. Unnecessary space: I cant use too much blank space as it will distract from the focal point, especially if the location is ‘ugly’. I have been told there are strong lines within a carpark and I should be working with or against them.
  2. Types of shots: I need to keep track of the shots and why they are being used. I want to have a dynamic selection, and I don’t want to get to the editing stage with shots that don’t work very well.
  3. Actor movement within a scene: In my other shoots I feel as though I haven’t made enough use of the space with character movement. This time I want to change this. I want the scene to be engaging, to reel the viewer in, and to use the actors properly through the relationship between framing and the location. After doing the found scenes from Antonioni, he shows just how powerful actor movement within the frame can be. He also shows ways to prevent continuity issues which is my next point.
  4. Continuity: I have had a lot of trouble with continuity in the past scene, and I only realise this in the editing stage. I don’t want this to happen again, because it can be easily fixed in the pre-production and production stages. Have continuity issues means that the scene wont be at its best, meaning it wont be as impactful and successful. I need to work out a way around this, and I think its best to have every shot different and from a different angle or perspective, that way if I cross the line, or the continuity isn’t 100%, then it won’t stand out too much for the audience to see.
  5. Look for things outside of the box: I need to see what I can do that isn’t as mundane as the pieces from the rest of my shoots. I need to open my eyes and really see what I can do with the camera, actors and the location.

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