Epiphany (Week 11)

This week was spent planning our substantial blog post, and summing up the whole semester. This got me thinking how I am going to reflect upon everything that I have done and learnt. How was I going to summarise my method of working and investigations, because I have come a long way from filming one shot, to an entire scene.  I started with an idea, and I now have a research project consisting of various paths stemming from this idea with projects that I have created to demonstrate these.

Plan for Final Blog Post:

1.Start with where I began. How it all started. How I got to the stage of figuring out what I was going to investigate.

2.Talk about what I investigated and the paths that I took – summarise blog posts – main points.

3.How I learnt through practice – how this got me to where I am.

4.What footage I have created – Why I did this and how.

5.What I have learnt coming to the end of this semester.

6.What I have achieved through my investigations.

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