My Goal

The feedback that I received from my presentation was to watch more films and analyse scenes, so that I can gather a greater understanding of framing and the coverage of a scene; and also to go back to the car park where I created my ‘Weekend Scene’, and re-shoot this. The feedback also included trying more than one script in the same location, keeping as many variables constant as possible.

From here I have put together an outline towards my goal for the rest of the semester. Starting from the weekend of the 25th of April I will begin to analyse more scenes within films, and form a sufficient amount of research, that will be evident in the scenes that I wish to create. Throughout the week I will be planning my scene that I wish to shoot on the weekends. The weekend of the 2nd of May I will be re-shooting the car park scene, and reflecting upon this as a part of my research into my method of working, demonstrating what I have learnt thus far.

Every week after this I will hopefully be digging deeper into the coverage of a scene through framing – which was a goal outlined in my presentation – and creating a scene every weekend and reflecting upon it. The reflection part is what will interest my the most, seeing how far I have come, all by learning from practice. This excites me, and from here I can execute the basics to a standard that I personally am happy with, and start looking at other ways outside of the box.

The weekdays will be the time to plan for the productions, and to understand what I will be doing, how I will be doing it, and why it will be done that way. I will also be editing my shoots in the early stages of the week. All of this will be posted here on my blog, so that I can document my journey.

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