Epiphany (week 7)

This week’s class focused on the class proposal that will be presented at the end of Week 7. We had individual feedback and were guided in the right direction and were given tips on how we can go about the rest of the semester, adding to our Method of Working. We were sitting at tables and everyone was interacting, talking about their investigations and helping one another with any queries that came up. From talking amongst each other I discovered what I can do as another investigation, and that is direct a scene from both a script and prose that another student will write. Natalie is a screenwriter and her investigation is about comparing how she goes directing her own work in relation to how she directs someone else’s, and then how someone else directs her work; this person being me. This will be an investigation that will benefit my method of working as I am interpreting someone else’s work, and deconstructing it the way I think best suits. I will be using my investigations that I have done so far to help with this process, and to further my knowledge on my personal style and knowledge in the area of coverage and framing.

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