Epiphanies (Week 2)

In this week’s tutorial we were given another exercise to do. It was similar to exercise 1 in the first week. We broke up into groups of six and had to create two scenes. What everyone had to share was quite entertaining to watch, as everything unfolds in front of us, the group members seeing it the same time the audience does. We all interpreted the text/script differently, and again the word interpret is used again.To me, this is a key element to this course and the way we come to develop our own styles. After showing all of the scenes we produced within the constraints given, Paul decided not to show us the scene from the actual film, instead he said we can look it up in our own time, because what we have created is much better. This surprised me, because I thought how could be possibly create something that is better than the way it is meant to be. I guess having six heads being put together to come up with a scene opens the doors to endless possibilities that condense down to one idea. It also goes to show how constraints impact the coverage of a scene. Paul also showed us one group’s scene without sound, and it was so visually pleasing that he decided one of the shots was the best of the semester so far.

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