‘Database as symbolic form’ by Lev Manovich.

There were multiple sections to the week 10 reading, and the one that will be focused on is the database logic. A database, as said by Lev Manovich, “is defined as a structural collection of data”, which is organized for fast searches; it is anything but a simple collection of items.  The computer age introduces databases. New media objects do not tell stories – and they don’t have a beginning or end – relating back to Adrian and his many book examples. There are different types of databases, those being, hierarchical, network, relational, and object-oriented. We call databases a new symbolic form of a computer age. It is a way to set a structure for ourselves for our experience and the worlds. Due to the open nature of the web, this means that websites never have to be complete. New links are always being added to what is already there, and if new elements are being added over time, the result is a collection, not a story. This also relates back to previous weeks when talking about networking and hyperlinking being a web, that connects everything and everybody.

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