Blogs ‘R’ Us

Here is a few of my colleagues pages, and me talking about how great these people are!

Kenton gets straight to the point about the 80/20 rule. He says that nodes in a network can have varying number of links to and from it. He points out that a trend will often occur, which is then represented in a bell curve, however Kenton still doesn’t know how this is useful.

Kiralee covers points from the symposium however talks about how it was disengaging, and I tend to agree. However saying that, she goes on to discuss the transit system in Melbourne that Elliot covers, relating to connections. She states that connections are not always so straight forward.

Nethaniel uses a photo from his traveling last year to show and angle of a network, and demonstrating te connections through a variety of components that connect to a centre, which is seen as one particular node.

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