Symposium WK 9

This symposium was all about listening to the tutors and seeing the viewpoints taken from the readings. This was interesting to see what they came up with and what they saw to be the most important points.

Cowbird- Example of Networking.

Cowbird is a public library of human experience where stories are gathered of people’s lives and shared. This website is a simple template for storytelling tools and is designed to encourage depth and creativity. Not only does this relate to Networking but also the idea of inner, social and cultural memory. Inner consists of Individual personal memory. Social is the combination of communication and social interaction, which human memory depends on. Cultural memory stems off the collective memory, where it can either go towards communicative memory or cultural. Cultural memory is historical, representing mythical and cultural time, with cultural identity From just finishing a presentation on cultural memory I can see this to be a great example of how information is stored and a way to accumulate memories. It is a way for people to share, and to post information online. Saying that it is a public library of human experience relates back to human memory. The presentation links cultural memory to networking suggesting that the internet is a way to store memories that can later be revisited.

Networking is linked to cultural memory through the way we communicate and interact within society. The Internet is the underlying factor that allows us to do so. The past and future are connected like a web that record information, allowing people to remember events that have happened or are going to happen. Because we live in a world where networking is imperative, memories will forever be triggered and stored away, but easily accessible. International Journal of Cultural Studies by Leon Tan says that we are the Information Age of Networks.



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