More on Blogs ‘R’ Us…

There are a couple more blogs that i have to talk about, ones that i enjoy to read, not only because we have to but also because they bring up some really good points.

Kiralee found herself surfing through her favourite Youtube channels to find their collection of Interactive adventures, emphasis being on the Interactive adventures!

Kenton’s blog is an enjoyable read, getting a laugh whilst looking through the photo montage! On a more serious note, he writes about getting his head around the symposium and says that Ted Nelson is a smarter version of himself. He also goes into detail about hypertext and its full potential which was not only beneficial, but also a really good read.

Lastly Stephan brings up the never-ending debate resting back to my symposium post, that technology depends on us, however we rely on it!

I find this exercise to be beneficial, as it allows interaction through hypertext, it is a way to communicate, and it is also a way to learn. Sometimes peers can be the best people to explain something that you don’t fully understand.

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