Week 6 Reading

“What if you had a book that changed every time you read it?”

In today’s society, interaction is how we live, we depend on this activity to socialise, learn, and communicate with people globally. This reading talks about how hypertext and the book are different and how the world is leaning towards the web for everything. This is where Adrian leads to with his book examples every symposium, explaining that the web does not have edges, therefore does not have a set ending. What if you had a book that changed every time you read it depending on your mood, whims and latest fetish?

Hypertext is a highly refined technology  that allows for an interactive narrative where future readers will interpret it differently from the way we do now. A quote about hypertext: “Describes a tool that lets us use the printed word as the basis for a technology that considerably extends writing’s reach and repertoire“. Hypertext is a tangled network of texts and links, that is the form of technology where the future is leading, and where the present is at. It feels that now, we are transitioning between networked literacy and print literacy, and from the past few readings it all seems to represent the same notion, that hypertext is the way of the future, the way to communicate and the way to interact. Hypertext is the new and improved book that allows the viewer to decide on the ending that they want.

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