‘Reconfiguring the Text’


“We must write with an awareness that we are writing in the presence of other texts”

Online, where is the line drawn when it comes to virtual reality, real-life and private. Is there a clear cut between these areas, or have people accepted that nothing is private anymore? That we need to share professional and personal items online. Due to the online world being so interactive and consuming, participants (as I would call them) in this network community are able to do this through HTML.

To focus on one point from the reading, is Blogging (ironically). This medium demonstrates hypertext as it is the first available means of the web to allow an active reader or author. Things such as an RSS feeds sends the subscriber only the headline of a new blog, whereas Atom feeds add a summary and includes its links as well.

Hypertext changes the experiences we have on reading, writing, and text, influencing the way we communicate and think of print literacy. HTML is an effective way share text through navigational links, tags, search tools, and the ability to provide access to materials that may be classified.

Hypertext redefines not only beginnings and endings go the text, but also its borders’.

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