If you don’t know how to ask good questions, you won’t know how to get good answers!

For this weeks symposium my Tutorial class came up with the questions.

1. How is hypertext relevant to us as network practitioners?
It is how we connect. It is how we live, it is all around us, we are bathing in it.

2. What current predictions about Network Literacy should we be aware of?
I found this questions did not get answered to understand the views of the tutor’s perspective, and see what they thought about where this industry will be in the future. We have been reading these articles that were predicting 30 years into the future, but why now is it that we can’t answer this? Everything changes, people change, society will change, and so will technology and the way it works and how we communicate. Having this as our future field of expertise we need to know the changing society and the demands that arise, we need to know where the future is heading, and we have to stay on top of the latest trends for what is yet to come. I believe that Network Literacy will change, because everything does, however I don’t know in what way. This is why this question was brought forward to see expert opinions on the matter.

3. What are the consequences of being network illiterate?
Network literacy is the world today, it is how we communicate, interact and stay updated globally. In this day and age you need to have a thorough understanding of how network literacy works, and why it is used. I feel that everyone using these blogs now are network literate as we understand what to do, how is works and why it is used. Sure, some might not know how to make a blog from scratch, however we are using it. We are using technology everyday and teaching ourselves the new improvements in this area, just by being on it. It is the future and if we don’t keep up to date, you will be left behind.

I quite enjoyed reading Carli’s blog and her opinion of this weeks symposium, so go check it out!

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