Sorry blog pt. 2

I’m back with another apology to my emotion-less, computerised and rather impersonal blog that I’ve been so cruelly neglecting.

As I’ve already whinged about in previous posts, I’ve been a little busy with having teeth cut out of my face and stuff. Which is hardly an excuse, as realistically I’ve been sitting at home doing nothing for two weeks in recovery mode which would have been a perfect opportunity to catch up on all my mandatory Network Media blogging. However things did not pan out this way as I chose instead to procrastinate (as I do so very well) and sleep all the time. Also my cat got really sick and had surgery and I was at the vet’s 5 times in one week so that’s kind of a legitimate excuse. I apologise for not blogging at all about any of the readings – despite having actually read them! I guess I did do a few productive things in my time off.

I’m also very sorry for neglecting to post non-Network Media related things. I really enjoy rambling away on the internet with my thoughts that are of no real relevance to anything at all. Again also sorry that I haven’t posted any more cat videos despite previous promises of doing so.

Despite my poor history with keeping internet based promises with myself about my blogging responsibilities, I’m about to make another promise which I’m almost certain I can and will fulfill.

I promise that on later this week I will go on a blogging binge in which I will catch up on several weeks of readings, Network Media ideas, media ideas in general, personal feels and maybe even some novelty cat images/videos just to tie it all together nicely.

And that’s the truth. I promise.

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