Blog Essay

Yes okay, I know we submitted these more than two weeks ago but I figure it’s better late than never to write a blog post about my essay that was about my blog posts.


Look if I’m going to be honest I’m really dreading getting our marks back for this assignment. While it was a pretty easy task – write a short essay with critical analysis of blogging – for some reason this turned out to be really quite unsettling for me. Having only graduated from high school last year I’m so embedded in that traditional style of essay writing that gets drilled in to us for six or seven years. But preceding this assignment I really got the vibes during Network Media tutorials and symposiums that we weren’t meant to tackle this essay in the traditional sense.

So me being the over-tired, smart ass ingenious that I am decided I’d write the essay almost as if it were another blog post. At the time it seemed like a really clever and innovative idea however I’ve since realised this could (and probably will) turn out pretty badly for me. But hey, at least I tried to break the boring blah blah essay writing tradition!

Stay tuned for an update on how badly my tutor disagreed with my ‘innovative’ writing style.

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