thaaaa simp-soooonnnssss

So my marathon continues and I’m currently half way through season five.

I’ve found my favourite episodes to be where marge disappears from the family unit for various reasons, like a cataclysmic gambling adduction and becoming a jailbird, and Homer is forced to be the maternal figure for the family. Homer’s lack of common sense and responsibility for homemaker duties are a a great mix and prove to still be laugh out loud moments.

I think my two favourite moments are..

and Homer’s refusal to do washing whilst Marge is in jail. So he simply ¬†starts sourcing his wardrobe from the attic, recommending that Bart and Lisa do the same..














Check out $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) from season five and Marge In Chains¬†from season four…


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