Still Lost at Sea….

I’m still unsure how writing a blog is going to benefit my learning.

I guess it is a form of self publication and self expression. Maybe it will help me develop a direction in my flourishing media career.

BUT, I don’t see how posting a blog without any direction or context is helping with my professional development as a media maker. I feel the expansive nature of this subject is offering me no direction and I have no idea what topics I am meant to be “blogging” about. I feel that to publish a blog it should be started with a purpose, to engage an audience about a certain subject. To enlighten and maybe humour people with your ideas and opinions on this topic.

At this point, I have no direction, no purpose, and nothing to write about.

Maybe I need to be more confident with my self directed learning, but as an introverted person I am finding this task difficult.


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One thought on “Still Lost at Sea….

  1. write about what you’re interested in. if you want to work in the media, which bit, write about that. show others why you’re interested, what the passion is. blogs are not to engage an audience in the sense of old media. audience comes along after, not before. good writing about what you know about is good blogging. read the subject blog, follow the links from the posts to other’s, and see what they’re doing.

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