weekone- workshop

Oh boy! Blogging.

Sure in my head, mumbled thoughts and babbled garbage morph themselves into inspired epiphanies but in writing; in a permanent form open for public scrutiny, the possibility of them being nothing but insipid, anaemic rants is a source of much unease. This task will thus be somewhat of a test for me; an adventurous leap of faith in my creative self and the capacity I have to communicate within an open-space. I must admit, the idea of this blog being accessible to so many bright and artistic minds is incredibly intimidating.

I find myself entirely stumped on what to name my blog. My goodness did I come across some doozies when looking for inspiration. “Milkmaidmarian” is just one of the lame alliterations that embedded the list and atrocities such as “bigmummasbabymakingmission” made me realise just how wrong I could go with this. After much thought I concluded that nothing could be more appropriate than “onebrokegirl”. It is perfectly reflective of my financial predicament caused by an obscene need to splurge money on apparel that inevitably finds itself crammed at the back of a wardrobe and is brilliant considering an oh so intense love for “Two Broke Girls” that saw four seasons ravaged in one badass weekend. Only one name could be more fitting, and that was “Via Ali’s Lens”. My year 12 literature teacher always told us to appreciate the “lens” of the author; their unique perspective of the world that was coloured by their experiences, their context, their personalitites and their expressive vigour. I am the author of this blog and this is the world via my lens.

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