Week 6 Reading

This week’s reading was about psychologist Howard Garder’s introduction to five minds for the future for which he believes that these are the kind of minds that people should develop and will be needed in future to be successful. without equipping these minds, a person won’t be well equipped and won’t excel in a modern age.

The five mindsets that he talks about are the following:

  • The Disciplined Mind: be excelled in at least one approach of thinking.
  • The Synthesizing Mind: taking information from different sources, understanding it and distributing it amongst different people
  • The Creating Mind: putting up new ideas, conjuring a fresh way of thinking and concluding with unexpected resolutions.
  • The Respectful Mind: respects different groups of people, trying to understand others and work with them efficiently
  • The Ethical Mind: the one who is aware of own responsibilities and finds a way to work betterment for the society without being selfish.

Garder further comments on the how we appreciate science and technology but do not teach the scientific ways of thinking or even how to develop individuals creative capacity which is essential for continuing growth of science and technology. Without having any of the mentioned mindsets, individuals would be restricted to inferior assignments, making unwise decisions, being replaced by computers for not having that creative sense and not be worthy of respect.

I agree with Garder’s statement on the five mindsets. In today’s world we are consuming media on a regular basis and the trend will defiantly rise. It’s just that we would have to depend less on technology and more on learning values of five mindsets in order to succeed.