Robin’s Feedback

After showing Robin my assembled project for FILM 3, He praised my efforts and advised me to carry on with the edit. He also suggested that the voice over I used feels like it has been heard before (it does somehow reminds me of Darth Vader), I’ll experiment and see if I can make it a bit spooky, but most importantly, I need to find some royalty free music for my project to be used as background score. I was also thinking to edit one mini version of it like of 30 seconds, apart from that It is important that I should focus on the 3 minute version, hopefully the length of it will be around that.

A minute silence for Chantal Akerman, german filmmaker, who pioneered in feminist and experimental filmmaking as she died recently at the age of 65. Today in class we watched her work ‘I’m Hungry. I’m Cold’. A bit of slow paced movie but something worthwhile to watch, two ladies who want to find love and they also seem to explore their gender roles in society. At Least that is what I think the story was about.

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