Filming my story

Sunday midday, Mitch and Brydan came over to help out with my shooting of ‘Daymare’. Mitch was the main lead and I was the second lead (the only other actor in this film). It took us about 2 hours to finish. Brydan helped out in lightning and at some parts with camera work. So with the motive that I would not give any script to the actor and will be based on improvisation, it turned out better than I expected. Using dedo lights to lit the environment was enjoyable. I first wanted to use natural source light but it seemed way to bright for my situation. Now the thing that I’m concerned with is the non-diegetic sounds that I have to use for this film, I now have to search the suitable sounds and stock footages that I’ll use for my film.

P.S: These two loved my Pakistani cooked food 🙂

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