Week 2 Workshop- Thursday

So today we moved to advance level understanding of Sony EX3 camera. We grasped the knowledge of Zebra, white balance, focus modes and gain. When Robin was explaining the white balance system of EX3, I mistakenly confused the difference between 3200 kelvin and 5600 kelvin white balance, later on I got the difference of both in the end, but as Robin said that, it doesn’t matter what is the right temperature for the shot, because it depends on what you want to achieve in the end.

later we reviewed each of our homework we did, regarding my work I thought the framing and placement was done nicely and the amazing incident happened in my video which was similar to the style of Lumiere brothers, as the activities in the background was finished, a bird appears on the foreground and exits the frame at exact 50th second. talk about my luck, haha. On the downside, my exposure was way blown out and the details were missing, I will be careful in my future assignments now.

In the final hour we were given an exercise to create a 50 second take which could be a ‘description’ of something familiar and common-place. or of something extraordinary and unexpected of overriding importance and overall aesthetic choices in relation to location, composition and exposure. As we watched Georges Melies artifact of card playing for inspiration purpose, our group created a scene at the nucleus space building 9. Our first take was great but a student disrupted in that take and time consumed was way less, it was a struggle with the few next takes and some actions went wrong but finally we had the 50 second take in the final clip and it went smoothly. My idea worked well, the exposure and white balance was just what we wanted. Our first placement of the camera was the other way around but somehow the framing wasn’t looking pleasant, the whole frame was cramped up and the point of view was messy as well, else we wouldn’t be facing disruption and the delays in our takes. In the end, we enjoyed what we did and were satisfied with the output of our artifact.

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