What do I want from Film 3?

When I was doing one of the tasks in Media 1 which required me to document a person I know, it was more of a documentary style video. At that time I realised my calling to pursue in this field. The thing that intrigued me the most was the story telling, when my subject was talking about his experiences, it made me forget that I was recording the conversation. You know it is real when you see it, and this documentary filmmaking is closer to reality, well in my point of view, the observational style of documentary filmmaking is. So when the time came to choose a studio for Media 4, I decided that I would go for Film 3, the fascinating thing about this course is that it questions that what if we applied the methodologies of drama production to the making of a documentary? This question in itself made me ponder about the art of documentary filmmaking, is documentary really what it is or can it be a hybrid of drama and other filmic techniques?

My goals are to be efficient in editing videos regardless if it is a film, music or documentary, produce content that at least makes sense to the audience, collaborate projects with different media makers around the world, to learn how to design sound (I’m really bad at sound selection and making of it) and lastly and most importantly, to launch my own production house for documentary making which will focus on the stories of people who faced hardships in their lives and how they overcome the obstacles. I know my goals are bit much, but like they say, every 1000 mile journey begins with a single step.

Besides that question, I would really like if this course offers practical work more than writing as I believe that one can only learn through practical experience.


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