Project Brief 3

I choose my cousin’s friend as my subject for brief 3 project. The successful part of my work would be the editing. I used a simple voice over narrative structure and observational style approach in my work. So editing had to be simple cuts and less transitions, By using less transitions the story flows smoothly and doesn’t feel dragged. With the voice over and the overlay of footages that I found from online really gelled in together and gave a clear meaning to what my subject was trying to communicate. The most problematic aspect would be the long interview I had with him. I had a 10 minute footage of him speaking. Sure it is easy to chop down a ten minute footage into two but the information that he was providing was vital to him and my project, so I had to clearly choose what to omit and what to add in the final edit version of my brief.

One of the key discoveries I made was during the editing of my project. When I first planned a story board, I was pretty sure that in the final cut i would be using the same footages but interestingly the footages and narration were not linking with each other and thus my story changed during the editing process and I’m pretty much happy with what I achieved in the end. Second discovery was the use of time-lapse. When Fahad mentioned about his work and his coordination with the staff, I was puzzled what to achieve in order for the audience to understand his hard work, so the time-lapse I reckon justifies the meaning that I wanted to achieve.

As I plan to become a documentary filmmaker, punctuality and trust with your subject is really important. Focusing on what I learned regarding collaboration and ethics of that particular environment; should be kept in mind because as a media practitioner, a strong relationship with your subject is required for a great story and with the respect to audience, you do owe them the absolute truth of your story. If you see my project brief carefully, I avoided using non-diegetic sounds, cause I feel they overshadow the important narration in the story.

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