AT the moment I have a couple of ideas that I want to explore for PB4, but I’m struggling to find a way to tie them together conceptually.

Basically, a while ago my mum gave me this huge box of VHS tapes of her old dance performances (she was a choreographer for a long time before I was born), in the hope that I could convert them into a digital format for her. I haven’t got around to doing this yet, but I really like the idea of using that footage in my PB4 to create a kind of found footage film. I won’t know if this is a good idea or not until I’ve had a proper look through all the footage, but it’s my best lead at the moment.

I like the idea of using those old dance videos for a few reasons:

  • the emotional connection they have to me, through my mum
  • interest in the older film format of VHS, and how that affected the way the dance performances were recorded
  • a general interest in the crafts of choreography and dance

I had a chat to Dan about my idea, and he suggested that I should have a look into the area of dance film for inspiration. He also suggested that I could interview my mum and maybe incorporate some of her ideas into the video, which I think would be a great addition.

So at the moment I kind of have 2 core concepts/principals that I’m looking at: filmingĀ using old media, and the craft of choreography. Thinking through these two ideas, I’ve started to think that I could draw some interesting comparisons between film making and choreography. For example, the role of the choreographer and how it is comparable to that of a director or editor. Also, more broadly, how dance performances themselves are similar to films. I think this could be some interesting stuff to discuss in my written work, or even with my mum if I do end up interviewing her.

In terms of old media vs new media, I think that the main ideas I’ll be focussing on will be the use of VHS tapes for documenting dance, as well as the conversion of them into digital and the application of them in digital software.

Another idea I came across was the possibility of projecting the old films and recording the projections with my own camera in interesting ways. I really like the idea of doing that, assuming I can find a projector that will work.

I’m planning on having a look online for some found footage of dance/choreography to give me some inspiration. Also if I’m going to make a 5-10 minute film I’m going to need as much footage as I can get.