Story Lab – Week 10

Over the past week I have began conceptionalising and planning the content for the interactions the audiance/player has with members of the cult for our Project.

I wanted it be intially fairly innoucencous to begin with, with regular looking people acting a bit odd, but as you move through the ranks it gets creepier and more sinister. I wanted the final person you talk to to be creepy and unsettling, someone who a player invested in the cults goals can invest in and admire, but will give people who are unsure about the cult a cold realisation that the people inside it are deranged and unhealthy.

Cult Chartacter Concept

This is a picture I drew, outlining what I want to do. The cross-legged poistion with arms in a “Y” formation is our cults meditation/prayer pose (the backwards elbows are because its me). I wanted to reinforce the idea that “the body is a prison”, and adorne the character in prisoner type motiffs, such as chaings draped around the arms and body.

The bandages around the eyes are another way to make it look sinister and scary, not being able to see someones eyes can be disconcerting, and it also could possibly be interpreted as gouged out in a destructive gesture of disgust at the mediocrity of the physical realm.

The Headcage idea is something I really want to do, as cross-bars covering the face while in the prayer postion will make the person into the exact shape of our Cult logo, and having the brain be a prisoner is also super relevent. I admit its not a totally original idea, and its probably not feasible with our resources and timeframe, but I still really want to wear a cage on my head.


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