Showing World Through Location

In this post I’m going to talk about one of the ways in which I’m building world, which is pretty obvious, but maybe overlooked but that is through use of the “Big Text”. These two are only two among many but I feel as if I can talk about them, that and I scrolled past them first.

Graveyard-1nxwkod                                       TownDesc-1t4vy6f

Essentially what you can see here is a case of setting the scene. In both moments of big print you get visuals that I hope do more than just build world and context but also mood and atmosphere. I think the graveyard scene in particular aims to do this. I think, with subsequent drafts fat will be trimmed of the big text in this graveyard sequence, but the backbone of this “The graveyard is a barren field of rough, uneven ground, tombstones and planks of word stand crooked in the ground.” will remain. I hope that this simple and straightforward description builds an image of a dusty old graveyard like those of the old westerns. I hope that the crooked, unevenness of it builds a sense of lived in place. I want it to describe not just the town but the world itself – rough. This is a place where cleanliness and aesthetics are a privilege and the graveyard, lacking any substantial utility, is something that rests neglected.

Similarly to this, the line preceding it “the trio, dressed all in black traverse the landscape, totally incongruous to it.”  I think paints a fairly clear image of the world in just one shot. There’s something strange, incongruous and absurd to the image of three, neatly dressed colonial people in a completely undeveloped landscape. I hope all the questions and ideas regarding the absurdity to colonial life in Australia are demonstrated here, because I think it’s an interesting image of nature juxtaposed the man made. Take note too that the location is “Outback” I hope adding to the “Australia” of it all.



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