A World Beyond The Words

When my characters are talking, I’m trying to get them to reveal their or each other’s character, but also, I’m trying to get them to reflect upon or describe their world.This scene I think is an example of my attempting to do that.


This is the second that Tully and Connan share the screen and the first time they speak to each other and yet, there is the presence of a history. What that history is I couldn’t tell you, well I could tell you some of it, but that’s not as interesting. I’m leaving gaps, but I’m also telling you there’s something that you don’t know. If you don’t know that you don’t know something – then that’s pretty uninteresting. But if you do know that you don’t know something – well then you start to try and fill in the gaps with what you do know.

Furthermore a character is mentioned here, one who we will not see this episode. Rob Connan’s sister. All of a sudden the world grows just that little bit more. We get an idea of who she is – but only tidbits – only implications and sweeping statements. Hopefully this scene not only demonstrates that there is a world outside of this story and a history which precedes it.

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