Analysis/Reflection 5 (Film & TV 2)

Question 1:

The most obvious and the most amount of work done in colour grading is in our vox pox scene. During filming our interviews, our shots were over exposed and we have to tone it down. However, one of the shots was too overexposed that the background is too bright and we lost information to darken it. Therefore, we have to increase the contrast of the shot in order to have a slightly darker look

Question 2:

This semester, my plan would be to put things right from last semester, and I felt I have been able to do that. My plan this semester would be to learn more about using Adobe Premier and editing.


Film & TV 2 Documentary Reviews

Black Cat

Well executed and put together. Great way to the screening to get underway.¬†Interesting to see people with different beliefs and how their superstition affects their behavior. Humorous and engaging, especially the lady who wouldn’t want anything associated with the no. 4 because it comes across as bad luck because it means death in Chinese. For this reason, to avoid the no. 4 such as house number, table number, or phone number was interesting. I was surprised to learn also that no. 4 is actually good luck in Philippines.

Sneakerhead Collective

For me, I think this was the one that stood out during the screening. It was bold and innovative of them to get one of the Tech guys, as part of the cast. The reaction from the crowd says it all. This was a unique choice of topic, and I can’t imagine the amount of work they have put into this. It was fascinating to see how people from different backgrounds are so obsessive Nike and Jordan sneakers, how much they know their stuff, and how it means much more than just a shoe to them. It was quite staggering amount of money that all these people have spent put together. Their cinematography and shots was excellent as well, especially the shoes coming all over the person lying on the ground and the way they put the credits together.


Simple topic but also a reminder to us about the importance of electricity in this day and age. We often don’t realize the importance of electricity and we are not aware of how there are many things around us require the power of electricity. Technically, well edited and very good audio. Not many of us wouldn’t have a candle at home these days with just goes to show how accustomed we’ve been with electricity.