Question 1

Milk – Although the story was simple, everything was put together well, in terms of choreography, sound, script writing, acting, and editing. I particularly liked the scene when he stole the boys scooter but it ended up slowing him down instead.  I also liked the way the Indian boy runs in the race against of time to reach the shop, with the voice in his head, it closes at 1. Overall, one of the best films of the night. Well done to their team.

Granny Theft Auto – My group’s film, and it was great to see it coming together well, given all the problems that we had. Personally I enjoyed watching our film, as I’m sure everyone else did. I liked the music and the sound effects used, especially the “whoosh” sound effect when the Italian lady notices that the three boys were standing around their car, and the shock look on her face. One thing that we could have improved on though, was the showing of the Italian lady’s actual car, which wasn’t visible when she was walking out from the pharmacy, as well as when the policeman was first approaching her. Not too sure if the audience would have noticed it or not, but it would have been perfect had there been another car there. Apart from that, I have watched our video back countless times, and I don’t think there was anything else we could have done better.

Carl – Cute and sweet story. Well planned too in terms of storyline and well executed technically. Although it felt a little weird at the beginning when he was talking to a soft toy, but I liked where the story goes and how it developed. Although she wasn’t sure about their relationship at the beginning when he introduces carl as a teddy bear, and they fought all night over a monopoly game, and even put the bear’s feelings before her. I liked how it ended when she brought back another bear the next day and says “I think Carl needs a friend”, I thought that was a fitting end to the story.

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