Film-TV 1 (THE END)

Question 2

My goals and desires from this semester are to develop extensive or general understanding and knowledge regarding Film/TV Production, following up fram what I learned from the previous semester in Broadcast Media. Also to learn the skills of screenwriting. Apart from that, my main goal would be trying to obtain a high grade, hopefully a Distinction or higher. I am not sure how hard it would be, but I would certainly try my best to achieve that. At the same time also, to have fun with my fellow coursemates. Finally, I also hope that this could help set me up in a career in the media industry and hopefully build a network with future media practitioners.

I think I could say I have done that. Although me and me group had some obvious ups and downs, I felt that it was a very fun and interesting course, and I learned a great deal in terms of chereography, audio, lighting, the art of directing, etc. Everything turned out pretty much as I have expected. What disappointed me and what we could have done better, as I’m sure the rest of my group members would agree, was to secure a location first before shooting. In a nutshell, I wish we were more organized. Even if we managed to get away with it on that day, it wouldn’t have felt right profesionally and ethically. So, that was an important lesson learned this semester.


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