Is this the beginning of the end?

Today was the last day of the first week of the last semester here at RMIT. I’m not particularly excited that my degree is coming to it’s end. I’d rather spend all my life studying and researching and learning and making new and interesting things, hopefully that’s something I can work towards, but knowing my own mental instabilities make that dream just that. A dream.

So I’ve only got three subjects this time around, for my elective I’m taking Sound Design, to go along with all the other sound-related electives I picked up throughout my course. It looks like we’ll be working around sound design in film, TV and games which is actually pretty cool so I’m kinda looking forward to it. Was slightly disappointed with the first class though cause we spent a lot of time just watching videos of people explaining sound stuff, which.. he really could’ve just sent us links or something to watch in our own time, and instead maybe talked more about his own knowledge in sound design or maybe what we can do to brace for Protools. My favorite course thus far with sound definitely was Soundscape studies – it was such a great class and I really learned a lot from it and Lawrence Harvey was just a super wealth of knowledge when it came to the unnoticed and wonderful aural world that we live in.

I’ve got in my politics stream something to do with screening politics and economics, which is basically politics and economics that have been mediaficated onto screens, like movies etc. I didn’t expect that to be honest because every other politics class I picked up was just seriously heavy and dense political economic discourse, and having absolutely zero background in any of it I really struggled but definitely have come out loving everything I learnt, I don’t feel like such an ignoramus now and it’s definitely made me become much more aware of the world around me, so this subject seems like it may just be a little bit of a nice relief? Our first assignment is to setup a google+ account which I thought was pretty lul aaand then we find that the RMIT gmail accounts actually can’t access google+ so it seems that everyone might fail the first assessment by default XD

Finally I have media 6 which is actually two subjects that have been compressed into one, but only in terms of the marks, because the two classes basically have nothing to do with each other, and the overall marks of both will contribute to a final 100%. One of them will have us making something in a group, which seems like it can turn out to be almost anything, whilst the other will be about forcing us to get in touch with the industry as well as setting up a seminar, and I’ll probably be writing about these two the most in this blog as it’s somewhat of a course requirement.

I forsee lots of group work again, which frankly is so daunting I can already feel myself not eager to go for classes anymore. Can’t tell if this just makes me a useless individual in this world, because everywhere I look it’s all just “networking, social skills, enthusiastic, confident” and I immediately just feel like I’d never get a job anywhere doing anything because I can’t even bring myself to talk to an employer =_= or if I just have to do everything on my own in my own way and not bother with collaboration or working with or for anyone ever again. I’ve tried hard to get myself to be more sociable, but I’m beginning to just accept that I should just let it go. Well it’s either that or medicated sociability but um.. that just doesn’t seem preferable.