Practice in the studios

Today, myself and my group had arranged to be in the studios by 1pm for a practice. Unfortunately, the 96 tram line to Triple R studios was affected by the farmers protest, which meant that there was confusion and therefore difficultly to reach the studios in time. I appeared on time at 1pm, but unfortunately, I was by myself in studios until around 2pm. As I thought it was pointless to do it by myself, I worked on the scripts for the feature narration and for the show itself next week.  I also responded to questions from Rachel from the Listen Collective and Loretta from Free to Feed.

Amalina was given an opportunity to practice whilst Laura and I began to practice the scripts I had written and make sure our positions to facing the microphones and correctly speaking into the microphones to make sure that the levels were fine. Due to a cancelation in a booking, we were able to extend our practice until about 3:30.

Laura has had a great deal of experience on radio, whilst I have had a little experience. I help out with a friend’s uni show every few weeks and have done work experience at 3MDR radio station in Emerald. I am hoping that this little bit of experience of being live to air will help me next week, and will mean that I bring forth a better show than I did when panelling live on air for the first time. 

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